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Latest News & Gigs - 2013

Friday 19th July - The George @ Woolley, Bradford-on-Avon - 9pm
Sunday 6th October - The Paragon Hall, Westbury (Wesbury Music & Arts Festival) - 3pm
Sunday 27th October - The George @ Woolley, Bradford-on-Avon - 4pm

How it all started: Freckle Beach

Us Two and M.G.B. had over the last few years appeared together at charity events raising money for the Westbury Lions Club playing electric sets. At a summer barbeque in 2009, all five members played an acoustic set together which sparked the idea to do it on a regular basis. 'Freckle Beach' was created using acoustic guitars, stunning harmony vocals, an occasional bass guitar, a frog, a tambourine, and a fair consumption of alcohol.

How it all started: M.G.B.

M.G.B. formed in the autumn of 2002 playing their very first gig at the Laverton Hall in Westbury the following February. Now, almost 12 years on, the band are very busy playing local venues around the counties of Wiltshire and Somerset. Main influences are Pink Floyd, Roxette and Bryan Adams to name just three.

How it all started: Us Two

Us Two Playing music from the 50s to the present day, Westbury duo provide live music entertainment suitable for any occasion - weddings, parties, and formal private or corporate functions. Producing, arranging and recording all their own quality backing tracks, create a full professional sound from an orchestra to a rock band - yet there are only two of them on stage!

And Finally: All together now - smile please

Angie FawcettAngie Fawcett - Vocals
is by day a Care Homes Consultant. Angie is a Registered General Nurse (RGN) with extensive experience in the management of care homes. She works alongside her husband Rob, and is the lead vocalist in the husband and wife duo, Us Two.

Amanda CondreyAmanda Condrey - Vocals
is, by day, a Nail Technician and owns her own business - Amanda Jayne's Nail & Tanning Studio. Mandy (as she prefers to be known) is the lead vocalist and keyboard player in the band M.G.B.

Brendon HillBrendon (Ginge) Hill - Guitar
classifies himself as a 'Home Improvement Specialist'. These days he louges in the luxury of retirement (as shown in the photo !). Brendon (or Ginge to his friends) plays rhythm and acoustic guitar in M.G.B.

Rob FawcettRob Fawcett - Guitar
is also a Care Homes Consultant by day. Rob is a Registered Nurse and a qualified teacher in adult education. He has a Master's degree in management, and is the lead guitarist in Us Two.

Bob CondreyBob Condrey - Guitar
creates and develops web sites and works as an NVQ Assessor by day, or helps his wife Mandy in the Nail Salon. Bob is the lead guitarist in M.G.B.